Thursday, May 10, 2007

  • EXCLUSIVE: Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon on the Release of Ex-CIA Operative Posada Carriles, the Cuban 5, Guantanamo and the Health of Fidel Castro


    We go to Havana for an exclusive interview with the president of the Cuban National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcon. The Cuban and Venezuelan governments have repeated their calls for former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles to be extradited to stand trial for his role in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. Posada was scheduled to go on trial in Texas on Friday for immigration fraud, but a U.S. federal judge tossed out the indictment on Tuesday, making Posada a free man. Alarcon also talks about the plight of the Cuban Five, Guantanamo Bay and the health of the ailing Cuban president, Fidel Castro. [includes rush transcript]

  • Commander of 1985 French Bombing of Greenpeace Ship Living Freely in Virginia — as U.S.-Paid Arms Dealer


    Twenty-two years ago, a group of French government agents blew up a ship known as the Rainbow Warrior off the coast of New Zealand. On board were activists from the group Greenpeace who were protesting French nuclear testing in the Pacific. One member of Greenpeace died in the blast. Thirteen French agents were identified as being directly involved in the bombing but only two were ever convicted. Now it has been revealed that the commander of the unit is living freely in McLean, Virginia. Louis-Pierre Dillais is president of an arms manufacturer with several government contracts. Greenpeace has urged the Department of Homeland Security to deport Dillais became of his direct ties to an act of state terrorism. But the Bush administration has not moved on the request. We speak with Greenpeace attorney Deepa Isac. [includes rush transcript]