Friday, September 14, 2007

  • EXCLUSIVE: In One of His Last Interviews Before His Death Iraqi Tribal Leader Abu Risha Details Relationship with U.S. Military


    In a prime-time address last night, President Bush cited Iraqi tribal leader Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, who was killed in a car bombing on Thursday in Ramadi. His death is considered a major setback for U.S. forces in Anbar. We speak with filmmaker Rick Rowley, just back from Iraq. He spoke with Abu Risha in Amman, Jordan, in one his last taped interviews. We broadcast never-before-seen excerpts. [includes rush transcript]

  • From Empire to Earth Community: Author David Korten on "The Great Turning"


    The International Forum on Globalization and Institute for Policy Studies is hosting a three-day teach-in this weekend titled "Confronting the Global Triple Crisis: Climate Change, Peak Oil (The End of Cheap Energy) and Global Resource Depletion & Extinction." We speak with, among others, David Korten, publisher of the magazine YES! A Journal of Positive Futures and author of "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community." [includes rush transcript]

  • Vandana Shiva Decries the "Outsourcing of Pollution to the Third World"


    We speak world-renowned environmental leader and thinker, Vandana Shiva about India and global resource depletion. Shiva says, "India is one of the preferred spots for outsourcing of all the pollution and energy-intensive production of the world. We hear of outsourcing of jobs and informational technology sector. We don’t often enough hear about the outsourcing of pollution to the third world." [includes rush transcript]

  • Michael Klare on the Internal War for Control of Iraq’s Oil


    We speak with Michael Klare, author of "Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America’s Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum." Klare says, "There’s a second war underway in Iraq that’s a war for the control of the oil wealth. That’s a war that is pitting Kurds against the Arabs of the country, Shiites against Sunnis, and Shiite against Shiite. Because eventually the Americans are going to leave and the people of Iraq know this." [includes rush transcript]

  • "Climate Porn"–Simon Retallack on the Dangers of Using Alarmist Language to Talk About Climate Change


    We speak with British climate change expert, Simon Retallack, about so-called "climate porn." Retallack says, "It’s a phrase that’s certainly not used to undermine the science. ... But if we talk about climate change in a way that makes it appear that there’s nothing we can do anymore about it, that it’s too late, that it’s going to be devastating on a global scale ... I think we’re going to turn people off." [includes rush transcript]