Tuesday, September 4, 2007

  • Battle over Right to Return: Housing Advocates Occupy New Orleans Public Housing Office


    Prior to Hurricane Katrina, over 5,000 families in New Orleans lived in public housing. Today, less than one quarter of them have been able to return home. Last Friday, over two dozen public housing residents and activists took over the HANO offices in New Orleans. They demanded that the government reopen the buildings. [includes rush transcript]

  • Fight to Reopen New Orleans Public Housing "Horrible Slow and Tragic"


    We speak with Tracie Washington, a lifelong New Orleans resident and civil rights attorney who has sued the city over its housing policies. "Somehow we’ve got to get to a critical mass of people where they are all telling the government that it’s wrong, so that the government will stop on its own," Washington said. "We just can’t keep suing every single day. They’ll wear us out." [includes rush transcript]

  • The Privatization of New Orleans: Curtis Muhammad on Tycoons, Trump and Gulf Coast Oil


    We speak with longtime activist, Curtis Muhammad, a member of the People’s Organizing Committee and a native of New Orleans. On the second anniversary of Katrina, Muhammad wrote a farewell letter to the left and progressive forces in the United States. He is leaving the country and heading south. [includes rush transcript]