Tuesday, March 4, 2008

  • Super Tuesday II: Today’s Primaries and Caucuses Could Decide the Democratic Nominee; We Get Reports from Texas, Ohio and Vermont


    Dallas Morning News reporter Wayne Slater, Harvey Wasserman of FreePress.org in Ohio and journalist David Goodman of Vermont discuss today’s vote. In Texas, Slater explains the state’s complex voting system and why the Clinton campaign is pressuring the Democratic Party not to release partial results from tonight’s caucus. In Ohio, voter integrity activists have secured new victories in their attempt to prevent more stolen elections. And in Vermont, town meeting members in Brattleboro vote on whether to "indict" President Bush and Dick Cheney. [includes rush transcript]

  • With US Assistance, Colombian Troops Attack and Kill 20 FARC Rebels Inside Ecuador


    Tensions are high in the Andes following a Colombian military attack in neighboring Ecuador. A leading commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — FARC — and twenty other fighters were killed Saturday when Colombian troops crossed the Ecuadorian border in a pre-dawn raid. On Monday, both Ecuador and Venezuela rushed troops to their borders with Colombia and said they would cut their diplomatic ties with Bogota. [includes rush transcript]