Friday, August 1, 2008

  • Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in Ni’lin, Site of Nonviolent Anti-Wall Demonstration


    Israeli troops fatally shot two Palestinian youths, aged ten and seventeen, this week in a village known for its nonviolent resistance. We speak with Hindi Mesleh, a resident of Ni’lin and an organizer with the Ni’lin Popular Committee Against the Apartheid Wall. [includes rush transcript]

  • NYPD Officer Caught on Tape Body-Slamming Cyclist During Critical Mass Ride


    Over a million people have watched an online video shot by a tourist last week showing a New York police officer body-slamming and tackling a cyclist in Times Square. We speak with video activist and archivist Eileen Clancy about the incident and why the city is subpoenaing her organization, I-Witness Video, for hundreds of protest videos shot during the 2004 Republican National Convention. [includes rush transcript]

  • Colorado "Fusion Center" to Step Up Intelligence Gathering During DNC; US Northern Command to Play Role


    Federal and state law enforcement officials in Colorado plan to increase intelligence operations during the Democratic National Convention in Denver and run a fusion center, where intelligence analysts will collect and analyze reports of suspicious activity. Civil rights advocates fear the fusion center could enable unwarranted spying on protesters exercising their First Amendment rights at the convention. [includes rush transcript]