Friday, May 22, 2009

  • Obama, Cheney Spar over Torture Policies in Separate Addresses


    President Obama gave a speech Thursday defending his plan to close Guantanamo Bay and repudiating several key aspects of the Bush administration’s counterterrorism program. But he also acknowledged for the first time he supports indefinitely holding some prisoners without trial. Former Vice President Dick Cheney then gave a major address of his own defending the Bush administration’s policies. We play excerpts of both speeches. [includes rush transcript]

  • Human Rights Attorney Vince Warren: Obama’s "Preventive Detention" Plan Goes Beyond Bush Admin Policies


    We get reaction to President Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney’s dueling speeches on torture from Vince Warren, the executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Warren took part in a secret meeting Wednesday between Obama and several human rights groups. Warren says although he welcomes Obama’s willingness to hear critical views, he’s disappointed in Obama’s new support for preventive detention. [includes rush transcript]

  • Environmental Groups See Divide over Landmark Climate, Energy Bill Weakened by Industry Lobbying


    After months of debate and millions of dollars in lobbying, a House panel has approved a climate and energy bill to reduce greenhouse gases. While several environmental groups have welcomed the bill, others remain critical of its concessions to the coal, nuclear, gas and oil lobbies, the scaling back of the greenhouse gas reduction target, and the giving away of the majority of pollution credits for free, instead of auctioning them. We host a discussion with Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen and Dan Lashof of the Natural Resources Defense Council. [includes rush transcript]

  • Native American Environmental Leader Tom Goldtooth: Climate Change Bill Fails to Address Indigenous Rights


    Tom Goldtooth is executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network headquartered at Bemidji, Minnesota. For over thirty years, he has been an environmental and economic justice leader in the Native American community. He joins us to talk about the congressional climate change bill and Native American efforts to address the resource extractions causing environmental degradation in their communities. [includes rush transcript]