Tuesday, August 25, 2009

  • After 6+ Years at Guantanamo, Mohamed Jawad Returns Home


    A young Afghan prisoner has returned to Afghanistan following his release from Guantanamo Bay. Mohamed Jawad arrived in Kabul on Monday. He was ordered freed last month after more than six years at Guantanamo. He was as young as twelve at the time of his capture and was tortured and threatened into confessing to throwing a grenade at a US soldier. [includes rush transcript]

  • Afghan Election Marred by Fraud, Intimidation, Violence, Low Turnout


    In Afghanistan, election authorities are preparing to publish the first partial results from last week’s presidential election, but the small sample of ten percent may do little to resolve a dispute over the outcome. The August 20th election was marred by fraud, intimidation, violence and low turnout in many areas. The Electoral Complaints Commission says it is looking into at least 250 allegations of misconduct. We go to Kabul to speak with Jonathan Landay of McClatchy Newspapers. [includes rush transcript]

  • "The Safe Haven Myth"–Harvard Prof. Stephen Walt Takes on Obama’s Justification for Escalating the Afghanistan War


    US military commanders have reportedly told the US special envoy to the region, Richard Holbrooke, that they need more troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Last week, President Obama defended the expansion of the war, calling it a "war of necessity." We speak with Harvard professor Stephen Walt, who argues that the President’s "safe haven" argument for expanding the US military presence in Afghanistan should be viewed with skepticism. [includes rush transcript]

  • "One Nation, Two Economies"–As Obama Nominates Bernanke to Second Term, a Look at Who Benefits from Economic "Recovery"


    President Obama is nominating Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke to a second term today because of his attempts to combat the financial crisis and the recession. Last week, Bernanke gave his most positive assessment of the economy yet, saying, "the prospects for a return to growth in the near term appear good." We speak with economist Max Fraad Wolff, who cuts through the numbers to expose the deepening long-term inequality in the United States. [includes rush transcript]

  • EPA Fails to Inform Public About Weed Killer in Drinking Water, Huffington Post Investigation Reveals


    An investigation by the Huffington Post reveals the Environmental Protection Agency knew that one of the country’s most widely used herbicides exceeds federal safety limits in four states but failed to inform residents of the associated dangers. The Huffington Post discovered that the EPA has been collecting data that shows people are drinking water laced with high levels of a weed killer known as atrazine but did not publish the data. [includes rush transcript]

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