Thursday, November 4, 2010

  • Big Gains in State Races Position Republicans to Alter Political Landscape in Upcoming Redistricting


    The midterm election could impact the country’s political landscape for years to come as states prepare to redraw congressional districts for the first time in a decade. Republicans now hold more state legislative seats than they have since 1928 after winning 600 state legislative races, nineteen legislative chambers, and twenty-one governor’s seats. These gains will have a big impact when state lawmakers begin to decide how to redraw the district boundaries for the US House of Representatives. To explain these changes, we are joined by Michael McDonald, a redistricting expert at George Mason University. [includes rush transcript]

  • As Right-Leaning "Blue Dogs" Lose Seats, Democrats’ Progressive Caucus Increases Plurality in Next Congress


    The Democrats lost the majority in the US House of Representatives in Tuesday’s midterm elections, but what is the makeup of the new Democratic House caucus? The conservative Blue Dogs lost half their members, while the Progressive Caucus remains near eighty. We speak to its co-chair, Rep. Raúl Grijalva, who appears to have retained his seat in a close election in Arizona’s 7th Congressional District. Over the past year, Grijalva has received numerous threats, including having a suspicious package covered in swastikas sent to his office and having a bullet shot through his district office in Yuma, Arizona. [includes rush transcript]

  • After Midterm Gains, How Will GOP Run the House?


    The GOP takeover of the US House of Representatives means a new lineup of committee chairs, who have significant influence over the laws that get passed. The new chairs are expected to have a crucial impact on legislation relating to the budget and spending, defense, foreign policy, healthcare, energy and immigration reform. We look at how the GOP plans to wield power in Congress with Huffington Post correspondent Ryan Grim and Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ). [includes rush transcript]

  • "Children of the Exodus:" Surge of Deportations Endangers Migrant Youth Abandoned in Mexico


    A new investigation published in The Texas Observer looks into one aspect of the collateral damage of the current US immigration laws that result in tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children being deported to Mexico every year. Many of these children are abandoned on the streets of Mexican border cities and end up in shelters in areas that have been ravaged by escalating drug violence. [includes rush transcript]

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