Thursday, September 12, 2013

  • Juan González: New York City Poised to Elect Its Most Progressive Government in 50 Years


    After the three-term administration of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, progressive candidates emerged as the clear winners of New York City’s primary elections earlier this week. Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio led the Democratic field after opposing Bloomberg’s embrace of the police tactic of "stop and frisk" and vowing to take on growing inequality between rich and poor. A number of young progressive candidates also pulled off surprising wins in races for City Council nominations. "New York City is on the cusp of electing its most progressive government in 50 years," says Democracy Now! co-host and New York Daily News columnist Juan González.

  • Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Gave Israeli Spies Raw Emails, Texts, Calls of Innocent Americans


    Despite assurances from President Obama, the scandal around the National Security Agency continues to grow. The Guardian reports the NSA has routinely passed raw intelligence to Israel about U.S. citizens. "The NSA was sharing what they call raw signals intelligence, which includes things like who you are calling and when you are calling, the content of your phone call, the text of your emails, your text messages, your chat messages," says Alex Abdo of the American Civil Liberties Union. "It sounds like all of that was handed over." Abdo also discusses the ACLU’s successful fight to force the government to declassify documents that show the NSA wrongly put 16,000 American phone numbers on an "alert list."

  • In Historic Move, AFL-CIO Expands Ranks with Vote to Include Non-Union, Immigrant, Low-Wage Workers


    In what could be a major development for worker rights, the AFL-CIO has announced a new plan to enlist tens of millions of non-union workers, including immigrants and low-wage workers who have traditionally not been part of its federation. The move comes as unions face a major decline in membership and have seen their collective bargaining rights slashed in former union strongholds like Wisconsin. Meanwhile, non-union workers at Wal-Mart, and fast-food chains like McDonald’s, have gained momentum in their efforts to push for better pay by holding one-day strikes. We’re joined by Cristina Tzintzun, executive director of the Workers Defense Project in Texas, who just attended the AFL-CIO quadrennial convention.

  • The American Way of Poverty: As Inequality Hits Record High, Sasha Abramsky on the Forgotten Poor


    A new study shows that income inequality in America is at a record high. According to an analysis of tax filings, the income gap between the richest 1 percent of Americans and the other 99 percent widened to unprecedented levels in 2012. The top 1 percent of U.S. earners collected more than 19 percent of household income, breaking a record previously set in 1927. Income inequality in the United States has been growing for almost three decades. We speak to Sasha Abramsky, author of the new book, "The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives." It is written in the spirit of Michael Harrington’s groundbreaking 1962 book, "The Other America," in which he chronicled the lives of people excluded from the "age of affluence." Harrington’s book went on to inspire President Lyndon B. Johnson’s subsequent "war on poverty."

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