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Democracy Now! has covered abortion restrictions enacted since Roe v. Wade – and the fight to keep the procedure safe and affordable. Browse through the stories below to see our reports on "Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers" (TRAP) laws, and the providers who remain the target of violence. We also interview advocates like Katha Pollitt, who argues abortion is a social good, and cover controversial stances by lawmakers and candidates who oppose abortion in all situations, including those of rape and incest, and when a mother’s health is endangered.

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  • In Washington yesterday a group of pro-choice Republicans urged GOP Presidential candidate Bob Dole to drop his support for a constitutional amendment banning abortion from the party’s platform. Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine said that Dole should instead insist on language that urges continued debate on the issue but takes no position on legalized abortion. The GOP’s position on abortion is a major issue in the campaign, an issue...
    Jul 26, 1996 | Story
  • It looks as though Christian conservatives and Republican Presidential hopeful Bob Dole have succeeded in averting a floor fight over abortion at next week’s GOP national convention in San Diego. While pro-choice delegates lost their battle to get a statement expressing tolerance of a diversity of views on abortion included in the platform, the spin out of San Diego is that a compromise was struck. The platform document will have an...
    Aug 08, 1996 | Story
  • Abortion has become the focal point of the GOP National Convention thus far. Anti-choice forces won their battle to keep tolerance of opposing views on abortion off the platform. Republican leaders chosen to speak from the podium each evening are forbidden from even mentioning abortion.
    Aug 12, 1996 | Story
  • Discussion on abortion in the GOP Platform: The so-called Partial Birth Abortion Ban.
    Aug 13, 1996 | Story
  • The house will try once again to have them banned by overriding President Clinton’s veto today. But rather than talk to the politicians we thought we’d spend today talking to women themselves confronting the agonizing decision over whether to have a late term abortion. We’re joined by three women:
    Sep 19, 1996 | Story
  • It’s considered one of the labored on, but under- reported media story in this election season: In the early 1970’s Senator Bob Dole took a woman to the University of Kansas Medial Center for an after-hours abortion. Jim Ledbetter of the Village Voice has been writing about it for the past few weeks. But the first person to break the story was David Zimmerman in the New York based newsletter called Probe, who joins us now..
    Nov 04, 1996 | Story
  • Atlanta two explosions past Thursday and Tulsa Sunday bombed, bombed on New Years. Saporta discusses Clinics that had been bombed Tomorrow 24th anniv Roe v Wade. NAF colleced 25 years of data on violence against abortion-providers. FACE law makes it federal crime to use force or threat force ohysical obstruction against abortion services. New York chips away FACE declaring religious right to picket clinics. Saporta thinks need more criminal...
    Jan 21, 1997 | Story
  • Federal investigators announced this week that they were skeptical
    about the role of a right-wing group in the bombings of a family
    planning clinic and a gay and lesbian nightclub in Atlanta. The
    Army of God claimed responsibility for the attacks in a letter sent
    to news organizations this week. But Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and
    Firearms (ATF) officials expressed doubt about the authenticity of
    the claim.

    On Jan. 16 two devices exploded outside the...

    Feb 28, 1997 | Story
  • Amy is joined by Angela Bonavoglia to discuss late term abortions the recent bill passing through congress, and the role of rhetoric and language in the battle over abortion.
    May 15, 1997 | Story
  • This week the West Alabama Center Clinic was the target of arson. This is the 13th attack against and abortion clinic this year, the highest rate of anti-abortion violence since 1984.
    Jul 24, 1997 | Story