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Democracy Now! reports on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq.

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  • A 21-year-old college student could spend years in jail on bomb threat charges after he stood silently outside a military recruitment office dressed like an Iraqi prisoner: in a black cape, hooded, wearing stereo wires hanging from his fingers. The police charged Joseph Previtera with making a bomb threat since the stereo wires resembled wires to a bomb.
    Jun 03, 2004 | Story
  • Yesterday in Boston the United for Justice with Peace Coalition and ACLU held a rally in Copley Square to protest human rights abuses brought on by the so-called war on terror.
    Jul 29, 2004 | Story
  • Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh joins us in our firehouse studio to talk about his new book, Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib. The book takes a look behind the public story of President Bush’s "war on terror" and into the lies and obsessions that led America into Iraq. Hersh provides a new account of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal that he exposed last spring and of where, he believes,...
    Sep 14, 2004 | Story
  • Allegations have emerged from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul that American troops are routinely torturing Iraqi detainees there. We speak with the British lawyer who says he received statements from two Iraqis describing the abuse by U.S. soldiers. [includes rush transcript]
    Sep 20, 2004 | Story
  • In a Democracy Now! national broadcast exclusive, we speak with former Army Reserve Specialist Aidan Delgado. He served in Iraq from April 2003 to April 2004 where he was deployed in Nasiriyah and Abu Ghraib. Soon after his arrival in Iraq, he sought conscientious objector status and turned in his weapon. At Abu Ghraib, he witnessed U.S. soldiers abuse and kill Iraqi detainees. After serving his full tour of duty, Aidan Delgado was finally...
    Dec 17, 2004 | Story
  • Condoleezza Rice refused to describe what occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison as torture at her confirmation hearing for Secretary of State. She also claimed the Geneva Conventions does not apply to individuals associated with Al Qaeda. We hear excerpts of the hearing and speak with constitutional lawyer David Cole. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 19, 2005 | Story
  • We look at how private contractors are now working at almost every level of the so-called war on terror, specifically in military interrogations at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Afghanistan. We speak with investigative journalist Pratap Chatterjee. He is author of "Iraq, Inc." and his latest article is called "Intelligence Inc.: Military Interrogation Training Gets Privatized." [includes rush transcript]
    Feb 28, 2005 | Story
  • Some of the Middle Eastern immigrants arrested in the days after 9/11 have alleged abuse at the hands of guards at a detention center in New York City. In a class action lawsuit, they detail these allegations, including humiliation, sleep deprivation, physical and sexual abuse. We speak with the New York Daily News reporter who reported on the story, the attorney in the suit and we go to Egypt to speak with one of the plaintiffs. [includes...
    Mar 01, 2005 | Story
  • Human Rights Watch is demanding that a special prosecutor be named to investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former CIA director George Tenet and other top officials for possible war crimes related to the torture and abuse of prisoners. We speak with Human Rights Watch special counsel Reed Brody. [includes rush transcript]
    Apr 25, 2005 | Story
  • In a newly-published article in The Nation former New York Congressmember Elizabeth Holtzman, who served on the committee that voted to impeach Richard Nixon calls on the public and the press to demand President Bush and his senior White House staff be held accountable for the torture of Abu Ghraib and be prosecuted under the 1996 War Crime Act. [includes rush transcript]
    Jun 30, 2005 | Story