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  • Palestinian medics accompanied by Israeli troops began searching for bodies in Jenin refugee camp this morning, as Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat conditionally accepts an Israeli proposal for a Middle East peace conference led by the United States. Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon has proposed Arafat be excluded.
    Apr 15, 2002 | Story
  • Israeli forces yesterday shot and killed Italian photo-journalist, Raffaele Ciriello yesterday in the West Bank Townof Ramallah. He was shot six times in the stomach. A French photographer and Egyptian TV correspondent were alsowounded, as Israeli tanks occupied the town and its neighboring refugee camps. Ciriello was on an assignment for theItalian newspaper Corriere della Sera. According to his colleague, journalist Amedeo Ricucci, they werefollowing...
    Mar 14, 2002 | Story
  • CBS News is reporting that the first attempt to rescue journalist Daniel Pearl from his captors has ended indisappointment. After zeroing in on prime kidnapping suspect, Sheik Omar Saeed, Pakistani police reportedly calledhim on Wednesday and attempted to negotiate. They told him that they had arrested members of his family and thatthey would release his loved ones if he would give up Pearl. Well, Saeed appeared to agree to these conditions,promising...
    Feb 08, 2002 | Story
  • The British newspaper, The Guardian, is reporting that the U.S. has delayed airstrikes on Afghanistan, after key countries in the Middle East expressed doubts about allowing their territory to serve as a base for military operations.
    Oct 05, 2001 | Story
  • Vanessa Leggett, an aspiring book author has been jailed since July 20th, when she was found in contempt of court, when she refused to hand over notes and tapes to grand jury federal prosecutors investigating the murder of a high profile murder case, of 40 year old Doris Angleton, wife of millionaire former bookie, Robert Angleton. The International Federation of Journalists, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the Committee to Protect...
    Aug 24, 2001 | Story
  • Navy security personnel fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters and journalists on Vieques yesterday asthe Navy resumed its bombing of the island. More than 23,000 marines, sailors and soldiers engaged in the largestmilitary maneuvers on the island since a civilian was killed by Navy bombing two years ago. At least 12 protestorsinvaded the Navy range in an attempt to stop the latest round of bombing and shelling.
    Aug 03, 2001 | Story
  • On April 26 Democracy Now! attended a press conference where former Senator Bob Kerrey admitted that he led a NavySEAL mission which killed at least a dozen Vietnamese women and children in 1969. Over the next two nights FoxNetwork’s Special Report with Brit Hume, Mort Kondracke of the Weekly Standard, Mara Liasson of NPR, and othersattacked the questions we asked Senator Kerrey as part of a "left-wing cabal," questioning the credibility...
    May 07, 2001 | Story
  • Journalists who don’t play by the rules often don’t get access to the most powerful people. At press conferences their raised hands are ignored. Their phone calls are not returned. Their queries are handled by low-level assistants. But sometimes top politicians and business leaders who talk only under the managed conditions and grant interviews only to the journalists they know are caught in the headlights of a free press. One such...
    Feb 09, 2001 | Story
  • All over the world, journalists are targeted for their work. Some are murdered, some are fired, some are banned orharassed, some are simply not rehired because they have taken stands that offend governments, editors or mediaowners.
    Jan 29, 2001 | Story
  • Think of the footage you see on the news from conflict zones around the world: the footage last winter of the fighting in the heart of Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, at a time when there were almost no journalists there; or the horrifying footage of more than eighty Albanians, many of them women and children, who had been scorched to death by NATO missiles in Kosovo; the image of the American soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu,...
    May 26, 2000 | Story