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Coverage of efforts to legalize and ban same-sex marriage and civil unions in the United States, including the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), state ballot measures, court challenges, grassroots mobilizations and the 2013 Supreme Court cases.

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  • Married transsexual couples are the focus of an NBC Dateline special premiering Friday night entitled "Scenes From a Marriage." We speak with Cindy and Miriam, a married couple who married as husband and wife. The husband, Roger, then became Cindy and Miriam chose to stay with her. [includes transcript]
    February 26, 2004 | Story
  • We speak with Craig Dean, who initiated the Marriage Rights Movement when he filed the first modern-day lawsuit for same sex marriage in 1989 as well as the political director of the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest gay Republican organization. [includes transcript]
    February 25, 2004 | Story
  • In San Francisco, gay couples seeking marriage licenses flocked to City Hall for the fifth day after two conservative groups failed to block the marriages in two separate lawsuits in state court. [includes transcript]
    February 18, 2004 | Story
  • Bush denounced gay marriage saying, "Our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage." He also said a constitutional ban on gay marriage may be needed if "activist judges" ignored public will. We hear from a gay community activist who traveled to Canada to get legally married. [includes transcript]
    January 21, 2004 | Story
  • A notice of appeal is being filed today before an appellate court in New Jersey that seeks the same rights and responsibilities for gay couples that go along with government-sanctioned heterosexual marriage. We speak with a gay couple who are among seven plaintiffs in the suit. [includes transcript]
    December 22, 2003 | Story
  • We speak with one of the seven gay couple couples who petitioned the case, the country’s leading lawyer on LBGTQ rights issues and from a conservative think tank that is pushing against what they call "the homosexual agenda." [Includes transcript]
    November 19, 2003 | Story
  • In his first press conference since before the invasion of Iraq, President George Bush yesterday vowed that weapons of mass destruction would still be found in Iraq.
    July 31, 2003 | Story
  • The long-anticipated welfare debate of 2002 has officially begun. Yesterday afternoon, President Bush offered hisvision of a reformed welfare system to an audience of low-income moms and community activists in a church inWashington, DC. Declaring that the 1996 welfare overhaul was a resounding success, Bush called for even strongerwork requirements and hundreds of million dollars a year to promote marriage among welfare recipients. "Work...
    February 27, 2002 | Story
  • Under a quilt of stars, as friends and family blew bubbles and kisses into the warm night air, Kathleen Peterson and Carolyn Conrad exchanged vows of love and commitment this weekend and became the first same-sex couple in the nation to be recognized as civil union partners under Vermont’s far-reaching law, which took effect July 1.
    July 06, 2000 | Story
  • Vermont’s governor signed landmark legislation yesterday making the state the first in the country to grant the full benefits of marriage to same-sex couples. [includes rush transcript]
    April 27, 2000 | Story