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  • Tuesday, the House will vote on military training aid to the military dictatorship of Indonesia. Most American media have ignored the decades of brutal rule in the world’s fourth largest nation. Amy Goodman has been following the Indonesian regime for years and has covered the its occupation of East Timor, where the Indonesian military has killed over 200,000 civilians. Amy was in East Timor during a peaceful march in a cemetery when...
    Jun 10, 1996 | Story
  • The Indonesian Military has launched a widespread crackdown on dissidents and yesterday warned citizens that they would be shot on sight if they participate in any so-called disturbances. Over the weekend, Indonesians rioted in the streets of Jakarta, after police raided the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party, the official opposition party led by Megawati Sukarnoputri, daughter of the later Indonesian President Sukarno. The...
    Jul 31, 1996 | Story
  • Yesterday in Beaverton, Oregon, human rights activists tried to get shareholders of the Nike corporation to consider a resolution to change its conduct in Indonesia, where workers are paid low wages, often work in abusive and unsafe conditions in a country with a military dictatorship where union organizing has landed many a labor leader in jail.
    Sep 17, 1996 | Story
  • A Roman catholic bishop and an exiled activist have won the noble peace prize today for their work in East Timor. Jose Ramos Horta & Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo will share the 1.1 million dollars. The men are being sited for their work towards a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor which was invaded by Indonesia 21 year ago and since that time they have killed more than 200 hundred thousand people.
    Bishop Carlos...
    Oct 11, 1996 | Story
  • Jose Ramos Horta describes the current situation in East Timor, the deteriorating of conditions over the last year, the Indonesian military occupation, US involvement, Suharto visit to the US, Grass root movement which has won small concessions, US and International press, the sale of F16’s by the Clinton administration to Indonesia.
    Oct 11, 1996 | Story
  • As we’ve been reporting over the last week, Indonesia has been making headlines ever since two East Timorese independence and human rights activists were named winners of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. In the past week, the Los Angeles Times and other media have revealed in dozens of articles and news reports that the Clinton campaign has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from billionaire Indonesian family tied to the...
    Oct 18, 1996 | Story
  • Amy Goodman and Allan Nairn visited East Timor for the first time in the summer of 1990, 16 years after the invasion. They interviewed people, and excerpts of their stories are broadcast in this segment. They traveled to East Timor in order to be present for a historic event: a special delegation from United Nations and Portugal was due to visit East Timor. Despite threats and a dramatic increase in the number of disappearances, torture and...
    Dec 10, 1996 | Story
  • In the face of the massacre story, even Suharto’s longtime allies came under public pressure and cut aid to Indonesia. There were even open protests inside Indonesia where student demonstrators were beaten and arrested. But the U.S. Bush administration increased U.S. military training aid to Indonesia, which is called IMET (International Military, Education and Training). [includes rush transcript]
    Dec 10, 1996 | Story
  • There have been important changes in the U.S. policy toward East Timor, but they are all results of grassroots pressure. But put simply, the U.S. continues to arm and back the Suharto regime, despite sometimes tough rhetoric. Excerpts of statements by President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore are broadcast. While the Riady money may have bought him access to the White House and some favors, the U.S. policy toward Indonesia has been far more...
    Dec 10, 1996 | Story
  • Amy is joined by two guests, who do not reveal their real names, discusses the trials and sentences of pro-democracy activists in Indonesia, the role of journalists in Indonesia as well as the upcoming elections. Indonesia will hold elections soon, although they are considered a sham and the current government is expected to win 70% of the vote.
    May 05, 1997 | Story