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  • With Iraqi President Saddam Hussein insisting that Iraq no longer has weapons of mass destruction we are going to spend the rest of the hour looking at how the United States helped illegally arm Iraq in the 1980s.
    Nov 14, 2002 | Story
  • Thousands of Iranian students took to the streets of Tehran yesterday, demanding the execution of a police chief, who reports to Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini, after the police conducted a bloody crackdown against pro-democracy students last week.
    Jul 12, 1999 | Story
  • With the discovery of vast energy reserves in countries bordering the Caspian Sea, just a few hundred miles from Yugoslavia, the region has been catapulted onto the world stage. The U.S. is waging a campaign to win influence in the Caspian, as are Russia, Iran and other nations. With intense competition for oil and gas pipeline routes, this has become the newest arena for global power politics. Multinational giants such as Shell and BP-Amoco...
    Apr 02, 1999 | Story
  • As the Senate today resumes the impeachment trial of President Clinton, we again turn to the issue of impeachable offenses. In 1987, when Congress learned that the White House had been funneling funds from illegal weapons sales to Iran to the U.S.-backed Contras in Nicaragua, an independent prosecutor conducted an investigation into who had known about what, and who had directed the operation. In that instance, Congress did not go ahead with...
    Feb 04, 1999 | Story
  • Army divisions from nine Iranian provinces are heading for the border with Afghanistan for military maneuvers that could begin as early as this weekend. This follows weeks of increased tension between the two countries, which may go to war in the next few weeks.
    Sep 17, 1998 | Story
  • 10 years since the announcement by Attorney General Edwin Meese regarding the Iran-Contra affair, this show discusses the Iran-Contra scandal and the cover up. The show discusses the Reagan administration conspiracy to deceive and defy congress with its illegal arms sale to Iran, an avowed enemy, in exchange for securing the release of American hostages in Lebanon. The proceeds from that sale were used to illegally fund the Nicaraguan contras....
    Nov 25, 1996 | Story
  • Guests: Lawrence Walsh, Peter Cornblue, Bob Parry
    Nov 25, 1996 | Story
  • Lawrence Walsh, Mary Belcher, Peter Cornblue, Andy Messing.
    Nov 25, 1996 | Story