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Democracy Now! has closely followed the U.S.-led attacks and occupation of Iraq over the years.

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  • In Iraq, early election results suggest that voters have approved a new US-backed constitution. Millions of ballots are still being counted two days after the referendum which was a simple "Yes" or "No" on whether to accept the document. [includes rush transcript]
    October 17, 2005 | Story
  • President Bush firmly rejected demands for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and tried to refocus America’s attention on the threat from Islamic extremism. We speak with investigative reporter Robert Dreyfuss, author of "Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam." [includes rush transcript]
    October 07, 2005 | Story
  • What’s wrong with cutting and running? That’s the question asked by retired Army general William Odom about the continued US military presence in Iraq. Odom says, "I’m trying to think like a strategist, and in war, as well as in politics and diplomacy, one has to know when to withdraw and when to attack. This was a misguided act and it requires a strategic division and moral confidence to turn it around." [includes...
    October 04, 2005 | Story
  • Cynthia McKinney opened the pre-march rally critiquing President Bush for his response to Hurricane Katrina and for the ongoing occupation of Iraq. [includes rush transcript]
    September 26, 2005 | Story
  • As Katrina’s flood waters recede, government contractors are flowing into the Gulf Coast and reaping billions of dollars in pre-bid, limited bid, and sometimes no-bid contracts. We speak with Pratap Chatterjee, managing editor of, about his latest article titled "Big, Easy Iraqi-Style Contracts Flood New Orleans." [includes rush transcript]
    September 23, 2005 | Story
  • Governor Richardson explains why he doesn’t support an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, but instead calls for an exit strategy from the country. Richardson also says the UN sanctions imposed on Iraq during the Clinton administration were justified. [includes rush transcript]
    September 22, 2005 | Story
  • While international donations have been pouring in for victims of hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration has been somewhat reluctant to accept offers from countries like Cuba and Venezuela. We speak with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies about international donations and how essential resources have been stretched thin by the war in Iraq. [includes rush transcript]
    September 08, 2005 | Story
  • In the latest assault on media workers in Iraq, U.S. forces shoot dead a Reuters new agency soundman and order a Reuters cameraman to be held without charge for six months in Abu Ghraib. We host a debate with David Schlesinger, Global Managing Editor of the Reuters News Agency and Lt. Col. Steven Boylan, spokesperson for the U.S. military in Iraq and Director of Combined Press Information Center. [includes rush transcript]
    August 31, 2005 | Story
  • With search and rescue operations underway in multiple states and many communities facing massive reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, state governments are relying significantly on aid from the National Guard. But with the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of Guard members available at home has been slashed. [includes rush transcript]
    August 30, 2005 | Story
  • As President Bush and Cindy Sheehan both return to Camp Casey, we speak with one of the other founders of Gold Star Families for Peace, Celeste Zappala, a peace activist in Idaho, where President Bush just addressed the National Guard as well as a marine who’s recently returned from Iraq. [includes rush transcript]
    August 25, 2005 | Story