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Democracy Now! has closely followed the U.S.-led attacks and occupation of Iraq over the years.

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  • National Security adviser Condoleezza Rice will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today for the start of her confirmation hearing as Secretary of State. Rice is a close confidante of President Bush and was one of the chief backers of the invasion of Iraq. We speak with radio host Laura Flanders, author of Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 18, 2005 | Story
  • Condoleezza Rice refused to describe what occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison as torture at her confirmation hearing for Secretary of State. She also claimed the Geneva Conventions does not apply to individuals associated with Al Qaeda. We hear excerpts of the hearing and speak with constitutional lawyer David Cole. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 19, 2005 | Story
  • The most heated exchange in the first day of Condoleezza Rice’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State came with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Boxer chastised Rice for stating Saddam Hussein was close to developing nuclear weapons in the lead-up to the Iraq war. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 19, 2005 | Story
  • Members of Military Families Speak Out and veterans of the Iraq invasion and occupation gathered at National City Christian Church in Washington DC to remember the over 1,300 U.S. soldiers and the more than 100,000 Iraqis killed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. We hear the words of two mothers whose sons died in Iraq: Celeste Zappala and Cindy Sheehan. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 21, 2005 | Story
  • A large explosion rocks Baghdad just six days before the scheduled Jan. 30 election. As violence continues to rage across the country, the U.S.-backed interim Iraqi government has announced sweeping security measures intended to protect voters. We go to Baghdad to speak with journalist Patrick Cockburn of the London Independent. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 24, 2005 | Story
  • Violent attacks continue across Iraq just days before the scheduled Jan. 30 elections. We go to Baghdad to speak with independent journalist Dahr Jamail who says, "Most Iraqis feels that this violence and chaos that has become the norm in Iraq will only continue to increase after the lections occur." [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 27, 2005 | Story
  • A day after elections in Iraq, we go to Baghdad to speak with Robert Fisk, chief Middle East correspondent for the London Independent. Fisk says, "What this election has done is not actually a demonstration of people who demand democracy, but they want freedom of a different kind, freedom to vote, but also freedom from foreign occupation. And if they are betrayed in this, then we are going to look back and regret the broken promises....
    Jan 31, 2005 | Story
  • To get an Iraqi perspective on the election, we go to Baghdad to speak with retired Iraqi engineer Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar. Mukhtar says, "What do I do with democracy? Does it allow me to walk across the street without being feared of being kidnapped or being shot at or being mugged or being stolen? Would democracy feed my children? Would democracy allow me to quench my thirst? The U.S. has not done anything at all to improve the life of Iraqi...
    Jan 31, 2005 | Story
  • British MP George Galloway responds to the Iraqi elections and discusses his victory over various British newspapers which were forced to print retractions of earlier reports that he had received secret payments from Saddam Hussein. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 31, 2005 | Story
  • We speak with Christian Parenti, correspondent for The Nation magazine and author of the new book, The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 31, 2005 | Story