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The Ft. Benning, GA, military training center formerly known as the SOA, or School of the Americas, is used to train Latin American soldiers in combat, counterinsurgency and counter-narcotics. Frequently referred to as the "School of the Assassins," the school is now known as WHISC, or the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. The group School of Americas Watch says the role of U.S.-trained generals in the 2009 Honduras military coup underscores the need for the school’s closure.

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  • Aaronwhite
    Sgt. Aaron White talks to Democracy Now! shortly after he returned from Iraq. He is now stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. [includes transcript]
    Dec 29, 2003 | Story
  • Academy award-winning documentary filmmaker, television producer and author Michael Moore joins us in our firehouse studios to discuss his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark, hearing his name during the Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire, the controversy surrounding the mention of death row prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal in his latest book, and much more. [includes rush transcript]
    Jan 23, 2004 | Story
  • We speak with veteran antiwar activist, Nobel Peace prize nominee and Voices in the Wilderness founder Kathy Kelly as she heads to court where she faces a one-month prison sentence for refusing to pay a fine from an antiwar protest last May. Kelly is also preparing to begin serving a 3-month sentence next week for her non-violent civil disobedience at the US Army’s School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia last November. [includes...
    Mar 29, 2004 | Story
  • More than 950 people were arrested yesterday as thousands of activists carried out a series of direct actions and civil disobedience organized by the A31 Action Coalition at locations throughout New York City yesterday. We take a comprehensive look at the protests and the police tactics to quell them. [includes rush transcript]
    Sep 01, 2004 | Story
  • As President Bush nominates Ambassador John Negroponte, current U.S. ambassador to Iraq, as the first Director of National Intelligence, we look back at Negroponte’s bloody history in Central America in the 1980s. [includes rush transcript]
    Feb 18, 2005 | Story
  • The ACLU released evidence Thursday showing that the FBI has been monitoring the peace group, School of Americas Watch. The group conducts research on the U.S Army School of the Americas, now renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. SOA Watch is the latest organization that has been found to have been subject to U.S government surveillance in the name of counterterrorism efforts. [includes rush transcript]
    May 05, 2006 | Story
  • Newly-released documents reveal that the FBI spied on freelance journalist David Lippman as he was covering the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Miami in 2003. The documents indicate Lippman was under surveillance for being a "known protestor w/history." The American Civil Liberties Union is filing a lawsuit on his behalf. [includes rush transcript]
    May 05, 2006 | Story
  • A Bolivian delegation is in the United States this week to urge the U.S. government to notify Bolivia’s ex-President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and two of his ministers of their obligation to return to Bolivia for trial in the deaths of 67 people and more than 400 wounded during October 2003. We speak with Rogelio Mayta, an attorney representing the families of those killed in the 2003 massacre. [includes rush transcript]
    Oct 05, 2006 | Story
  • Leading Bolivian activist, Oscar Olivera joins us in our firehouse studio to talk about the ongoing struggle over water in Cochabama and the successful fight against the privatization of water by Bechtel six years ago. Olivera says, "If that uprising in 2000 had not ended in a popular victory, Evo Morales today would not be the president." [includes rush transcript]
    Oct 05, 2006 | Story
  • Patricia Isasa was 16 years old in 1976 when she was kidnapped by Argentine police and soldiers. She was tortured and held prisoner without trial for two and a half years. Before she joins thousands heading to Fort Benning, Georgia to protest what used to be called the School of the Americas, Isasa joins us in our firehouse studio to tell her story and of her lifelong campaign to bring her torturers to justice. [includes rush transcript]
    Nov 16, 2006 | Story