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  • "America, This Is Our Moment": Sen. Barack Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination Obamaheadshotweb
    Barack Obama made history last night by sealing the Democratic presidential nomination to become the first African American nominee of a major party in the United States. Obama clinched the win after a wave of more than seventy uncommitted superdelegates announced their support on Tuesday, pushing his total over the threshold of the 2,118 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination at...
    June 04, 2008 | Story
  • Despite Greater Prominence on Congressional Committees, African-American Lawmakers Pressured to Curb Initiatives Walters1-4-07
    The new Congress will elevate more black lawmakers to positions of power than ever before: Four African Americans are likely to head committees, and up to 20 are expected to lead subcommittees. But black lawmakers are already facing pressure from the Democratic leadership to hold back on pushing an agenda sought by traditional party allies. We speak with Ron Walters, director of the African...
    January 04, 2007 | Story