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  • "The Interview" Belittles North Korea, But is Film’s Backstory and U.S. Policy the Real Farce? 1222_seg2_theinterview2
    President Barack Obama has said the United States is considering putting North Korea back on its list of terrorism sponsors after the hacking of Sony Pictures. Last week, the studio canceled the release of the screwball comedy film "The Interview," about a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, following...
    December 22, 2014 | Story
  • Digital Blackwater: How the NSA Gives Private Contractors Control of the Surveillance State Logos
    As the Justice Department prepares to file charges against Booz Allen Hamilton employee Edward Snowden for leaking classified documents about the National Security Agency, the role of private intelligence firms has entered the national spotlight. Despite being on the job as a contract worker inside the NSA’s Hawaii...
    June 11, 2013 | Story
  • North Korea Nuclear Test Sends Message to Washington One Week After U.S.-South Korean War Games North_korea-6
    The United Nations Security Council is holding an emergency meeting today after North Korea conducted its third-ever nuclear test in defiance of U.N. orders. According to international monitors, the underground explosion was roughly twice as large as North Korea’s last nuclear test in 2009. North Korea had vowed to...
    February 12, 2013 | Story
  • Tim Shorrock: Direct Talks with North Korea Are the Only Answer to End Korean War Island
    "The United States has only one choice in dealing with North Korea, even after its deadly artillery attack on a South Korean island," writes Tim Shorrock, an investigative journalist who has covered Korea for more than 30 years. "Negotiate directly with its government, forge an agreement to end Pyongyang’s...
    November 24, 2010 | Story
  • Tim Shorrock Asks Why It Took the Washington Post So Long to Investigate the US Intelligence System Shorrock
    "With all due respect to the Washington Post — and Dana Priest and Bill Arkin are very good reporters — we have to ask, why did it take them seven years to do this story?" says Tim Shorrock, an investigative journalist and author of Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing....
    July 19, 2010 | Story
  • Steve Clemons: Obama’s Wall Speech Should Have Been About Israel, Not Berlin Temp-image_1_5
    Barack Obama spoke before an audience of over 200,000 people in Berlin, Germany on Thursday in the largest rally held by any presidential candidate this year. In his address, Obama discussed the importance of the Berlin Wall being torn down. We speak with Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation, who writes, "Had he given those remarks in Israel, at any of the checkpoints that have been...
    July 25, 2008 | Story
  • Main Core: New Evidence Reveals Top Secret Government Database Used in Bush Spy Program Temp-image_1_7 has published new details about a top secret government database that might be at the heart of the Bush administration’s domestic spying operations. The database is known as "Main Core." It reportedly collects and stores vast amounts of personal and financial data about millions of Americans. Some former US officials believe that "Main Core" may have been...
    July 25, 2008 | Story
  • Spies for Hire: Carlyle Group to Become Owner of "One of America’s Largest Private Intelligence Armies" Shorrockbkweb
    The secretive investment fund the Carlyle Group is in the process of buying part of Booz Allen Hamiliton, the major military and intelligence contractor. We speak with investigative journalist Tim Shorrock, author of the new book Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing. [includes rush transcript]
    May 19, 2008 | Story
  • Mike McConnell, Booz Allen and the Privatization of Intelligence Mikemcconnell
    Mike McConnell, the man President Bush tapped to replace John Negroponte as national intelligence director, has been a leading figure in outsourcing U.S. intelligence operations to private industry. McConnell is a former director of the National Security Agency and the current director of defense programs at Booz Allen. We take a look at McConnell and the privatization of intelligence with...
    January 12, 2007 | Story