Teach Democracy Now!

Educators all around the world are already using Democracy Now! in their classrooms and a variety of educational settings. Many have written to us describing how much their students love Democracy Now! and submitting their lesson plans and ideas of how to incorporate DN! content into a vast array of disciplines and subjects. We encourage everyone to participate in this exchange.

DN! Keeps Kids Students Awake in Class!

¨I teach government at high school. I have been using DN for about a year. One of my favorite in DN is ACLU files...¨

DN! Helps With Reading Comprehension!

¨The curriculum of sixth grade reading is predominantly focused on sequence, vocabulary and comprehension so I play a pre-recorded segment of DN! ten minutes a week in my classroom and then we discuss things like words they didn’t understand or on-going news stories...¨

Democracy Now! Introduces College Students to Media Issues

¨I use Democracy Now! fairly regularly now in the classroom. I teach philosophy at California State University, San Bernardino—about 70 miles east of Los Angeles. 40% of my students are first-generation college students. Many of them know very little about the media; in an intro to philosophy class 80-90% of them have not heard of PBS. I will show clips from Democracy Now! to illustrate points about what is occurring in the world...¨

DN! Helps teachers introduce unreported topics of the American media to Russian students!

"I often used your transcribed interviews and reportage to illustrate and/or introduce many of the usually-unreported topics of the American (and Russian) news media to my students. Many of my students were very interested in the various subjects which your program covers. I constantly recommended the use of your site and anything it links to as high-quality info resources. The fact that your program is transcribed makes it wonderfully useful — students can listen for meaning, and they often can learn a lot from context alone."

Students "Turned-On" by Current Events After Watching DN! in their Class

"I showed some of the Jena 6 coverage last week to the class, and the response was explosive, all over the political spectrum from some students aghast at this was happening now and some trying to defend David Duke. Some got up and walked out some asked for copies of the program."

DN! Daily Digest Helps High School Teachers

"Democracy Now has introduced me to other important sources."

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Democracy Now! helps grad students in Sociology!

“Students watch the Democracy Now! broadcast two days a week and we watch and discuss some of the most relevant material in class the next day...

Amazing Research Resource for College Students

"Students have used DN! segments on topics ranging from the U.S. refusal to sign the Kyoto treaty, to the current situation in Haiti, to the culture of surveillance in the U.S. and privacy laws, to the East Timor situation."

Democracy Now! Featured in Classrooms Around the World

"I show the class the DN! website, and show them how to use the search engine to find segments they can use as sources in their papers."

A Learning and Teaching Tool for Educators

"I was a student-teacher last year for U.S. History and I often used the Democracynow.org search engine for the different subjects I was going to teach."

High School Humanities Class Studies Colonialism Using Democracy Now!

"My 9th grade Humanities students have just begun a very brief study of European imperialism in Africa."

Independent Media Educates

"Democracy Now! works especially well in teaching a unit on Media & Politics."

Education for Social Change

"Democracy Now! enhances learning and fulfills one of our student learning outcomes of helping students become responsible community members."

Democracy Now! Examines Conflict

"I teach Alternative Dispute Resolution courses."

Students Hooked on Good Journalism

"Democracy Now! combines nicely with my Sociology course material where it is easy to incorporate some of the segments into the class discussions."

Democracy Now! Has Made an Incredible Difference in the Lives of So Many Students

"I teach a large lecture course in our humanities program called Interpretation and Values."

It is Invaluable!

“I’ve used Democracy Now! as a powerful example of confirming corporate media bias in my University classes."

Teaching Democracy Now! in Spanish

"I often use DN! reports dealing in some way with the Spanish-speaking world."

Students Spread the Word

"Students start sharing the information with their own families and friends."

Democracy Now! is an Eye Opener

“I teach a course called "Mass Media and Popular Culture" in which I spend a good amount of class time on the news."