Tuesday, October 23, 2001

  • Postal Union Leaders Say Two Anthrax Deaths Could Have Been Prevented If Officials Hadlistened to Workers

    Two postal workers, Joseph Curseen and Thomas Morris, have died of what appears to be anthrax, after reporting toemergency rooms only hours earlier. Two others have also contracted inhalational anthrax, and nine other people aresuffering from anthrax-like symptoms and are awaiting results. As the House closed and several Senate buildings shutdown after some thirty people were exposed to anthrax spores from a letter to Senator Daschle, many postal workerswondered whether they should be tested and take antibiotics. But their bosses told them that the risk of exposure tothe bacteria was minimal and that there was no need for antibiotics. Now the Brentwood Road mail center, whichprocesses all letters sent to Congress, has become the newest epicenter of the letter-borne anthrax. Local postalunion leaders said the two deaths might have been prevented if officials had respected workers’ requests for earliertesting and antibiotic distribution.

  • Sponsors of State Terror Enlist in the Fight Against Terrorism: An Hour with Professor Noamchomsky

    U.S. planes pounded Taliban front line positions north of Kabul and near a strategic northern city on Tuesday for athird successive day as the Afghan opposition said they intend to surround and eventually take the capital of Kabul.The Taliban accused U.S. forces of killing more than 100 people in a hospital in an earlier raid. Taliban officialssay hundreds of civilians have been killed and thousands wounded in President Bush’s so-called war on terrorism.

  • Cipro: The Battle Over Bayer

    Today we’re going to look at the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, the maker of Cipro.

  • A Case in Domestic Terrorism: A Look at the Violence Against Abortion Providers

    Since abortion was made legal in 1973, there have been 2,400 incidents of abortion clinic violence. 7 abortionproviders have been killed, and more than 150 clinics have been bombed or set on fire.