Thursday, March 11, 2004

  • In-Depth: The Full Story of Aristide’s Kidnapping


    Just back from the Central African Republic, Kim Ives, an editor of the Haitian newspaper Haiti-Progres, discusses the events surrounding President Aristide’s overthrow. Ives spoke with Aristide in his native Creole and was able to piece together what is probably the most comprehensive picture of what Aristide says happened to him and his wife the morning they were forced out of Haiti. [includes transcript]

  • Was Martha Stewart Targeted Because She is a Major Democratic Contributor and a Woman? Where is Ken Lay?


    No charges have yet been brought against former Enron chairman Ken Lay who was a close friend of President Bush and a major Republican campaign contributor, while Martha Stewart, who is a major Democratic contributor, faces up to 20 years in prison for lying to a federal investigator. [includes transcript]

  • NYC Residents Sue EPA For Lying After 9/11


    New York City workers and residents are suing the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to protect people from the poor air quality in the days and weeks following the World Trade Center attacks, accusing then-EPA head Christine Todd Whitman of "a shockingly deliberate indifference to human health." [includes transcript]

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