Monday, February 7, 2005

  • Ossie Davis 1917-2005: A Tribute to the Actor and Civil Rights Activist


    Actor and civil rights activist Ossie Davis died Friday in Miami Beach. He was 87 years old. For half a century, Davis led a distinguished career as an actor, playwright and director. Along with his wife, Ruby Dee, he was a renowned civil rights activist and an unforgettable figure in the African American struggle for equality. We spend the hour remembering Ossie Davis: From his eulogies to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to his opposition to the war in Iraq. We hear from actor Danny Glover and journalist Herb Boyd and we play a commentary by death row prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal. [includes rush transcript]

  • Danny Glover on Ossie Davis: "He Saw No Separation Between His Social Commitment and His Artistic Commitment"


    To remember Ossie Davis, we speak with actor Danny Glover and journalist Herb Boyd. Glover says, "I wanted to mirror my career after Ossie Davis...He knew the role that culture and art played in elevating us as human beings." [includes rush transcript]

  • Ossie Davis Eulogizes Malcolm X in 1965: "Stand Up Off Our Knees to Address Ourselves to the Truth"


    We air a recording of Ossie Davis delivering the eulogy for Malcolm X at the Faith Temple Church Of God on February 27, 1965. Davis said: "[Malcolm] talked to all of us: Get up off your knees. Come out of your hiding place. If your hiding place is gold, come out from behind it. If your hiding place is prestige, come out from behind it. If your hiding place is poverty, if you live in the slum, if you live in the gutters, stand up, look at the sun, you too are a man." Courtesy of the Pacifica Radio Archives. [includes rush transcript]

  • Ossie Davis Remembers Martin Luther King in 1968: King Was "One of the Bravest Black Men We Have Lost in This Struggle"


    We play a recording of Ossie Davis speaking at a memorial gathering for Martin Luther King in New York City on April 5th, 1968. Davis says, "As I stand before you, I don’t ask whether you are a white Martin, or whether you are a black martin, I ask first if you are a man and second, if you believe that men should stand or fall for freedom and third, if you believe that the time for that freedom is now." [includes rush transcript]

  • Ossie Davis Protesting the Iraq War: "I Choose to Live for Brotherhood and Not For Folly"


    We play in interview with Ossie Davis as he protested the invasion of Iraq on March 22, 2003. Davis says, "The choice is to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools. I come together to say, I choose to live for brotherhood, and not for folly. I choose peace and not war. I choose life, and not death." [includes rush transcript]

  • Mumia Abu Jamal Remembers Ossie Davis: "A Lion Has Fallen"


    We play a prison radio commentary by journalist and death row prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal. He remembers Ossie Davis and plays an interview with him from 1980. [includes rush transcript]