Tuesday, August 22, 2006

  • Grieving Relatives of Qana Massacre Emerge From the Rubble to Bury Their Dead


    Residents in southern Lebanon emerged from shelters over the weekend for a grim task: to bury their dead. The largest funeral took place in Qana where an Israeli airstrike on the town on July 30th killed 29 people–the majority of them women and children. We speak with longtime peace activist Kathy Kelly who attended the Qana funeral as well as a Michigan man who lost over 20 members of his family in the Israeli attack on the town. [includes rush transcript]

  • President Bush Admits Iraq Had No WMDs and 'Nothing' to Do With 9/11


    On Monday, President Bush admitted that the Iraq war is "straining the psyche of our country." But he vowed to stay the course. A reporter questioned him about why he opposed withdrawing US troops from Iraq. In his answer, Bush admitted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and had "nothing" to do with 9/11. [includes rush transcript]

  • "I Fear God Much More Than I Fear Homeland Security"–Chicago Pastor on Why He is Allowing Mexican Mother to Stay in Church to Avoid Deportation


    A Mexican woman has taken refuge inside a Chicago church in an attempt to defy a government deportation order. Elvira Arellano has been living in the Adalberto United Methodist Church since last Tuesday — the day she was supposed to surrender to authorities. We go to Chicago to speak with Arellano from inside the church as well as the Rev. Walter Coleman, the pastor of the church. [includes rush transcript]

  • "Humiliated and Appalled," Virginia Student Calls for Apology From Sen. Allen for 'Macaca' Slur


    Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia ignited controversy last week when he singled out a student volunteer for his opponent’s campaign at a rally and referred to him as a "macaca." The man Allen was referring to was SR Sidarth, a Fairfax County native of Indian descent. The term "macaca" refers to a genus of monkey and is used as an ethnic slur. Sidarth joins us from Virginia to discuss the incident. [includes rush transcript]

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