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Talk-Back to War: Listeners Tell Us What They’re Doing in This Time of War

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We turn now to you, the listeners. This is what some of you had to say about what you’re doing in this time of war. Talk-back to war, recorded the week of 3/17/03.

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AMY GOODMAN: People have been calling in also from around the country over the last few days, and we want to play some of those comments. We are part of the national day — two days of programming on Pacifica Radio, going around the clock and around the globe, getting response to what is taking place now in Baghdad, Iraq. We will play some of the comments in these two-hour programs that we are doing. We will be speaking with Arundhati Roy in New Delhi. We will go to the home of an Iraqi to talk about how he is protecting himself and his family. We’ll be speaking with filmmaker Jon Alpert, who’s just returned from Baghdad, engaged in forming a bridge, a youth dialogue, between Iraqis, young people in Iraq, as well as young people here, and what happened to the tape that he recorded, as well as his experience 10 years ago, when he was also in Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. And, of course, we will be replaying what President Bush had to say, as well as the tape that was identified on Iraqi television as the image and voice of Saddam Hussein. But first to our listeners and viewers.

AMY GOODMAN: Hi, you’ve reached Democracy Now! Please leave your name, where you’re calling from, the station you listen to, and what you’re doing in this time of impending war. Thanks for listening.

MATT WILSON: Hello. My name is Matt Wilson. I live in — north of Taos, New Mexico, and I’m listening to Free Speech TV. I’m proposing an ongoing boycott in protest of the media’s culpability in this war. And I suggest that people start really monitoring who are the sponsors of corporate media, and begin boycotting them and letting them know that their products will not be bought as long as they keep this censored news happening. It’s undermining democracy. Thank you.

MARY REEVES: Hi. My name is Mary Reeves. I’m calling from Amherst, Massachusetts, here in Western Massachusetts. A local effort the day after the war starts, we’re meeting at the Amherst Town Common and towns around the whole Pioneer Valley in Western Mass. We’re meeting at 4:30, and we’re having a march. And the following day at noon, we’re all meeting in Springfield, picketing and doing sitdowns and protests and civil disobedience in front of our representatives in Springfield, Massachusetts. And then, the first Saturday after the war breaks out, we’re all going to Westover Air Force Base. A lot of people are going to be conducting massive civil disobedience.

GARY RHINE: My name is Gary Rhine. I’m in Los Angeles. I listen to KPFK. And in order to encourage my friends and relatives and business associates, I started up a weblog called Rhino’s Blog. It’s at And my list of people that this goes out to has grown from a hundred to over a thousand people as people told each other. And I try and provide links to a lot of different organizations and actions and articles to inform and basically encourage them to get out there and be part of this democracy.

SUNNY BEAR: Hello. This is Sunny Bear calling from Socorro, New Mexico. The City Council here in Socorro passed a resolution reaffirming the Bill of Rights and supporting civil rights in Socorro, New Mexico, with a 6-to-1 vote. And we’re doing lots of other stuff for peace down here, too, but that was just great that it happened after Bush gave his war talk. Thank you very much. Bye.

KEVIN SULLIVAN: Hi. My name is Kevin Sullivan. I’m calling from St. Louis. I listen to KDHX, 88.1. And what I’m doing is I am continuing to call our president “President Bush,” and not “George Bush.” And I’m also supporting our troops, and I’m also withdrawing my support from the public radio station for the embarrassment and the sheer arrogance you have of airing your programming.

VALTA POINTER: My name is Valta Pointer. I live in Fresno, California, and I listen to KFCF. We have a group called Peace Fresno. Fresno is a very conservative, low-income area. And yet, on the 15th of February, almost 2,000 people gathered to protest the war. Peace Fresno has got a piece from the City Council. They’re going to meet today and present the peace plea for the council and join the 142, or however many cities have passed protests against this war.

AMY GOODMAN: And you’ve been listening to some of the comments of listeners. And we look forward to hearing from you. You can call 212-209-2999. What are you doing in this time of war? 212-209-2999.

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