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Jan. 6 Panel Votes to Subpoena Trump as New Video Shows Pelosi Responding to Insurrection

StoryOctober 14, 2022
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During the House select committee hearing Thursday, Representative Jamie Raskin revealed never-before-seen footage from January 6 of top lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, scrambling to stop the violence and making pleas for law enforcement and military support. Some Republicans had previously accused Pelosi of failing to call the National Guard to protect the Capitol, but the footage aired on Thursday sheds new light on her actions. Select Committee Chair Bennie Thompson concluded the hearing with a vote to subpoena former President Donald Trump. “The need for this committee to hear from Donald Trump goes beyond our fact finding. This is a question about accountability to the American people,” said Thompson.

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AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman.

House January 6th committee also aired previously unseen video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer and others responding as the Capitol was being attacked on that day. The footage was filmed by Pelosi’s daughter, the documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. Some Republicans had previously suggested Pelosi had failed to call the National Guard to protect the Capitol, but the footage aired Thursday sheds new light on her actions. We’ll play that new video in a moment. But first, let’s go back to June. This is House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and fellow Republican Congressmember Jim Banks.

REP. JIM BANKS: Was Speaker Pelosi involved in the decision to delay National Guard assistance on January 6th? Those are serious and real questions that this committee refuses to even ask.

REP. STEVE SCALISE: Thank you, Jim. And Jim Banks just raised some very serious questions that should be answered by the January 6th commission, but they’re not stop. And they’re not for a very specific reason, and that’s because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t what those questions to be answered.

AMY GOODMAN: So, that’s House Minority Whip Steve Scalise speaking in June, questioning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to the January 6th attacks. Well, it turns out Scalise was in the room when Pelosi called the Pentagon on speakerphone to demand help. Let’s go back to Thursday’s January 6th hearing. This is Democratic Congressmember Jamie Raskin.

REP. JAMIE RASKIN: As the president watched the bloody attack unfold on Fox News from his dining room, members of Congress and other government officials stepped into the gigantic leadership void created by the president’s chilling and studied passivity that day. What you’re about to see is previously unseen footage of congressional leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, as they were taken to a secure location during the riot.

You’ll see how everyone involved was working actively to stop the violence, to get federal law enforcement deployed to the scene to put down the violence and secure the Capitol complex, not just Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, but Republicans like Vice President Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Majority Whip John Thune and countless other appointees across the administration. All of them did what President Trump was not doing, what he simply refused to do. Take a listen.

INSURRECTIONISTS: We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump!

OFFICER 1: We’re starting to get surrounded. They’re taking the North Front scaffolding. Unless we’re getting more munitions, we are not going to be able to hold. The door has been breached, and people are gaining access into the Capitol.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Yeah, but you know what? We have got to get — finish the proceedings, or else they’re going to have a complete victory.


UNIDENTIFIED: Senator Schumer is at a secure location, and they’re locked down in the Senate.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: There has to be some way we can maintain the sense that people have that there is some security or some confidence that government can function and that you can elect the president of the United States. Did we go back into session?

UNIDENTIFIED: We did go back into session, but now apparently everybody on the floor is putting on tear gas masks to prepare for a breach. I’m trying to get more information.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: They’re putting on their —

UNIDENTIFIED: Tear gas masks.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Do you believe this? Do you believe this?


OFFICER 2: We need an area for the House members. They’re all walking over now through the tunnel.

INSURRECTIONIST 1: Bring her out! Bring her out here!


INSURRECTIONIST 1: We’re coming in if you don’t bring her out!

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: I’m going to call up the effing secretary of DOD. We have some senators who are still in their hideaways. They need massive personnel now. Can you get the Maryland National Guard to come, too?

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: I have something to say, Mr. Secretary. I’m going to call the mayor of Washington, D.C., right now and see what other outreach she has to other police departments, as Steny — Leader Hoyer has mentioned.

OFFICER 3: Officer down!

OFFICER 4: Get him up! Get him up.

OFFICER 3: Hold up!

OFFICER 4: Get him up!

OFFICER 3: Hold up!

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Hi, Governor. This is Nancy. Governor, I don’t know if you have been approached about the Virginia National Guard. Mr. Hoyer was connect — speaking to Governor Hogan, but I still think you probably need the OK of the federal government in order to come in to another jurisdiction. Thank you. Oh my gosh, they’re just breaking windows. They’re doing all — all kinds of — it’s really that somebody — they said somebody was shot. It’s just — it’s just horrendous. And all at the instigation of the president of the United States. OK, thank you, Governor. I appreciate what you’re doing. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay in touch. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: Virginia Guard has been called in.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: You know, I was just talking to Governor Northam, and what he said is they sent 200 state police and a unit of the National Guard. They’re breaking windows and going in, obviously ransacking our offices and all the rest of that. That’s nothing. The concern we have about personal harm —


SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: — personal safety is — it just transcends everything. But the fact is, on any given day, they’re breaking the law in many different ways — and quite frankly, much of it at the instigation of the president of the United States. And now if he could — at least somebody.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: Yeah, why don’t you get the president to tell them to leave the Capitol, Mr. Attorney General, in your law enforcement responsibility? A public statement they should all leave.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: This cannot be just we’re waiting for so-and-so. We need them there now, whoever you got. OK?

REP. STENY HOYER: You have — you also have troops — this is Steny Hoyer — troops —

UNIDENTIFIED: OK, so we have a little bit of time to make that decision —

REP. STENY HOYER: Fort McNair, Andrews Air Force Base —


REP. STENY HOYER: — other military bases.

UNIDENTIFIED: Thank you. Thanks, Paul. Bye.

REP. STENY HOYER: We need active-duty National Guard.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: How soon in the future can you have the place evacuated, the whole — you know, cleaned out?

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: I don’t want to speak for the leadership that’s going to be responsible for executing the operation, so I’m not going to say that, because they are meeting on the ground, and they’re the experts.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Well, just pretend — just pretend for a moment it was the Pentagon or the White House or some other entity that was under siege. And let me say you can logistically get people there as you make the plan.

We’re trying to figure out how we can get this job done today. We talked to Mitch about it earlier. He’s not in the room right now, but he was with us earlier and said, you know, we want to expedite this, and hopefully they could confine it to just one complaint, Arizona, and then we could vote, and that would be — you know, then just move forward with the rest of the states.

The overriding wish is to do it at the Capitol. What we are being told very directly is it’s going to take days for the Capitol to be OK again. We’ve gotten a very bad report about the condition of the House floor, with defecation and all that kind of thing, as well. I don’t think that that’s hard to clean up, but I do think it is more from a security standpoint of making sure that everybody is out of the building and how long will that take.

I just got off with the vice president.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: And I got off with the vice president-elect. So I’ll tell you what she said, yeah.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: OK. But what we left the conversation with, because he said he had the impression from Mitch that Mitch wants to get everybody back to do it there.


SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: I said, well, we’re getting a counterpoint that is — it could take time to clean up the poo poo that they’re making all over the — literally and figuratively, in the Capitol, and that it may take days to get back.

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: Nancy, so, I’m at the Capitol Building. I’m literally standing with the chief of police of — you know, the U.S. Capitol Police. He just informed me what you will hear through official channels. Paul Irving, your sergeant-at-arms, will inform you that their best information is that they believe that the House and the Senate will be able to reconvene in roughly an hour.


VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: So, your sergeant-at-arms will be in touch about the process for getting members back into the building.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Thank you very much, Mr. Vice President.

AMY GOODMAN: That was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking to then-Vice President Mike Pence. She was at Fort McNair with the other legislators, in previously unseen footage, during the January 6th insurrection. Thursday’s hearing concluded with the vote to subpoena former President Donald Trump. This is Select Committee Chair Congressmember Bennie Thompson.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: We have left no doubt — none — that Donald Trump led an effort to upend American democracy that directly resulted in the violence of January 6th. He tried to take away the voice of the American people in choosing their president and replace the will of the voters with his will to remain in power.

He is the one person at the center of the story of what happened on January 6th. So we want to hear from him. The committee needs to do everything in our power to tell the most complete story possible and provide recommendations to help ensure nothing like January 6th ever happens again. We need to be fair and thorough, and gain a full context for the evidence we’ve obtained.

But the need for this committee to hear from Donald Trump goes beyond our fact finding. This is a question about accountability to the American people. He must be accountable. He is required to answer for his actions. He’s required to answer to those police officers who put their lives and bodies on the line to defend our democracy.

He’s required to answer to those millions of Americans whose votes he wanted to throw out as part of his scheme to remain in power. And whatever is underway to ensure this accountability under law, this committee will demand a full accounting to every American person of the events of January 6th. So, it is our obligation to seek Donald Trump’s testimony.

There’s precedent in American history for Congress to compel the testimony of a president. There’s also precedent for presidents to provide testimony and documentary evidence to congressional investigators.

We also recognize that a subpoena to a former president is a serious and extraordinary action. That’s why we want to take this step in full view of the American people, especially because the subject matter at issue is so important to the American people, and the stakes are so high for our future and our democracy.

And so, I recognize the vice chair, Ms. Cheney of Wyoming, to offer a motion.

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Mr. Chairman, pursuant to today’s notice, I send to the desk a committee resolution and ask for its immediate consideration.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: The clerk will report the resolution.

CLERK: Committee Resolution 1, resolved, that the chairman be and is hereby directed to subpoena Donald J. Trump for documents and testimony in connection with the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol, pursuant to Section 5(c)(4) of House Resolution 503 and Clause 2(m) of Rule XI of the Rules of the House of Representatives.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: The gentlewoman from Wyoming is recognized on her resolution.

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman, our committee now has sufficient information to answer many of the critical questions posed by Congress at the outset. We have sufficient information to consider criminal referrals for multiple individuals and to recommend a range of legislative proposals to guard against another January 6th.

But a key task remains. We must seek the testimony, under oath, of January 6th’s central player. More than 30 witnesses in our investigation have invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, and several of those did so specifically in response to questions about their dealings with Donald Trump directly.

Here are a few examples. This is Roger Stone with Oath Keepers at the Willard Hotel on the morning of January 6th. And here is Mr. Stone testifying before our committee.

INVESTIGATOR: Did you speak to President Trump on his private cellphone on either January 5th or January 6th?

ROGER STONE: Once again, on the advice of counsel, I will assert my Fifth Amendment right to respectfully decline to answer your question.

REP. LIZ CHENEY: This is General Michael Flynn walking with Oath Keepers on December 12th, 2020. And here is General Flynn’s testimony before our committee.

INVESTIGATOR: Did you, General Flynn, talk to President Trump at any point on January 6th, 2021?


REP. LIZ CHENEY: Here is John Eastman fraudulently instructing tens of thousands of angry protesters that the vice president could change the election outcome on January 6th. Later on this same day, Dr. Eastman acknowledged in writing that Donald Trump knew what he was attempting was illegal. Here is John Eastman testifying before our committee.

INVESTIGATOR: Did President Trump authorize you to discuss publicly your January 4th, 2021, conversation with him?


INVESTIGATOR: So, is it your position that you can discuss in the media direct conversations you had with the president of the United States, but you will not discuss those same conversations with this committee?


REP. LIZ CHENEY: Here is Jeff Clark, who conspired with Donald Trump to corrupt the Department of Justice. President Trump wanted to appoint Jeff Clark as acting attorney general. And as you can see in this call log we obtained from the National Archives, he did so. And here is Mr. Clark testifying before our committee.

INVESTIGATOR: Mr. Clark, when did you first talk directly with President Trump?


INVESTIGATOR: Mr. Clark, did you discuss with President Trump allegations of fraud in the 2020 election?


REP. LIZ CHENEY: Other witnesses have also gone to enormous lengths to avoid testifying about their dealings with Donald Trump. Steve Bannon has been tried and convicted by a jury of his peers for contempt of Congress. He is scheduled to be sentenced for this crime later this month. Criminal proceedings regarding Peter Navarro continue. And Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, has refused to testify based upon executive privilege. The committee’s litigation with him continues.

Mr. Chairman, at some point, the Department of Justice may well unearth the facts that these and other witnesses are currently concealing. But our duty today is to our country and our children and our Constitution. We are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion. And every American is entitled to those answers, so we can act now to protect our republic.

So, this afternoon, I am offering this resolution, that the committee direct the chairman to issue a subpoena for relevant documents and testimony, under oath, from Donald John Trump in connection with the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I yield back.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: The gentlelady yields back. If there’s no further debate, the question is on agreeing to the resolution. Those in favor will say “aye.”


REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: Those opposed says “no.” In the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it.

REP. LIZ CHENEY: Mr. Chairman, I request a recorded vote.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: A recorded vote is requested. The clerk will call the roll.

CLERK: Ms. Cheney?


CLERK: Ms. Cheney, aye. Ms. Lofgren?


CLERK: Ms. Lofgren, aye. Mr. Schiff?


CLERK: Mr. Schiff, aye. Mr. Aguilar?


CLERK: Mr. Aguilar, aye. Mrs. Murphy?


CLERK: Mrs. Murphy, aye. Mr. Raskin?


CLERK: Mr. Raskin, aye. Mrs. Luria?


CLERK: Mrs. Luria, aye. Mr. Kinzinger?

REP. ADAM KINZINGER: Kinzinger, aye.

CLERK: Mr. Kinzinger, aye. Mr. Chairman?


CLERK: Mr. Chairman, aye.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: The clerk will report the vote.

CLERK: Mr. Chairman, on this vote, there are nine ayes and zero nos.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON: The resolution is agreed to.

AMY GOODMAN: And that’s how Thursday’s House January 6th hearing ended. The video aired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recorded on January 6th was filmed by her daughter, the documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. It had never been publicly seen before yesterday. After the hearing, CNN aired additional footage shot by Alexandra of the House speaker reacting to Donald Trump’s speech at the Ellipse on January 6th.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: And that’s what this is all about.

TERRI McCULLOUGH: Secret Service said they have dissuaded him from coming to Capitol Hill. They told him they don’t have the resources to protect him here. So, at the moment, he is not coming. But that could change.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Oh, if he comes, I’m going to punch him out. And this is my mood.

TERRI McCULLOUGH: Oh, how I would pay to see that.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Been waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m going to punch him out, and I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.

AMY GOODMAN: And that does it for our show. A happy belated birthday to our Miguel Nogueira, and a happy early birthday to Juan González! And today is my precious pup Zazu’s second birthday. A very happy birthday to Zazu and her beloved twin brother Kasha.

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