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Father of Soldier Killed in Iraq Ejected From RNC For Holding Sign Reading: “Bush Lied. My Son Died”

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We speak with Fernando Suarez del Solar, whose son Jesus, was one of the first U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq. He was ejected from the convention for holding up a sign that read “Bush Lied. My Son Died.” [includes rush transcript]

  • Fernando Suarez del Solar, father of Marine Lance Cpl Jesus Suarez, one of the first U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq on March 27, 2003.

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This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: We are joined also in the studio by someone who has been protesting throughout the week. I first saw Fernando in front of FOX News doing the same thing, holding up his son’s picture. Fernando, you have been here holding your son’s picture on the front line of the protests throughout this week. Two nights ago, you got into the convention center. Where were you standing?

FERNANDO SUAREZ DEL SOLAR: Thank you. I am next to the television area inside the patio.

AMY GOODMAN: We will just say that Fernando’s voice is extremely hoarse because, well, I guess because of this last week. Fernando Suarez Del Solar.

FERNANDO SUAREZ DEL SOLAR: When Laura Bush finished speaking and I opened my sign, my son’s picture and say “Bush Lied, My Son Died,” and the security people were holding me and asked me for my I.D. I showed my I.D. And I say you going to arrest me, it’s OK. But remember, I paid high price for my liberty for speech and for manifestation — with my son’s life. You want to arrest me, right now, and you can believe me, but nobody arrest me. Inside, about two hours with my sign open and all the delegation of Texas, California and the other people see my sign in the lobby.

AMY GOODMAN: And what was the reaction of some of the Republican delegates who saw you inside?

FERNANDO SUAREZ DEL SOLAR: “Wow,” this is when they said. Splendid a lot of people people right. No attack me, but say “it’s bad” or something like this. But around maybe 20 go with me and say “I’m sorry. You’re right.” When I believe — I don’t believe this one. The Republican people told me “you are right” when my sign say “Bush Lie And My Son Die.” It’s incredible this one.

AMY GOODMAN: Your son, the fifth to die, your son Marine Lance Corporal Jesus Suarez.

FERNANDO SUAREZ DEL SOLAR: Yes. Of course I say Bush lied because remember the Bush administration lied to me about what happened to my son when he died. About the enemy fire, and it really is a cluster bomb, illegal cluster bomb. And I’m here in New York to show the people the other lies of the Bush administration. And it’s very happy this week here in New York more than half million people demand “End The Occupation” and “Demand No More Four Years For Bush.”

MEDEA BENJAMIN: We should also say that Fernando managed to get inside a speech that George Bush Senior was giving about the opportunities the Bush administration has given to the Hispanic community with the same sign and the same message.

AMY GOODMAN: Well I want to thank you both for being with us. Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, who infiltrated both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and was thrown out. And Fernando Suarez Del Solar, father of Marine Lance Corporal Jesus Suarez, made it to the convention holding that sign “Bush Lies, My Son Dies”. Also, the other cofounder of CODEPINK, Gael Murphy, who made it to the floor, as well. The third co-founder, Jodi Evans, where is she?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: She’s still being held in custody. She was taken in last night along with June Basheres and so far they are still being held.

AMY GOODMAN: Thanks for joining us.

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